Radiate Art Space is, volunteer run, non-profit organization located in Richmond, Vermont. Radiate opened in 2017 as an art studio where everyone can gather to create art, share creative pursuits, educate and expose others to different types of art methods, materials and techniques. Our passion focuses on the process rather than the product. As time goes on, our selection of classes and workshops, for all ages, will continue to grow.

Our mission is to have an inviting, fun and accessible space to create art, with access to a wide array of materials and mediums for artistic expression and exploration; a space that fosters social and community-building interactions in a creative environment for all ages. To achieve maximum use of the space, a mix of structured programs, drop in classes, and open hours for renting the space to host creative workshops and other art events are offered. 

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Click photo above to learn about the making of the Richmond town banners

Click photo above to learn about the making of the Richmond town banners

We're also very fortunate to collaborate and create within our community with Richmond Free Library, and Our Community Cares Camp.

Radiate is run by Rebecca Rouiller, Executive Director, board members and volunteers.  Email us to get involved, we would love to hear from you or please visit our sign up list below. 

Radiate Art Space’s 2019 Board of Trustees:
Judy Bush, Heidi Chapman-Renaud, Heather Drury (Vice President), Sherri Gouse (Treasurer), Jessie Heiser, Katie LeFrancois, Wendy Libby, Darcie Rankin (President), Rebecca Rouille, Marie Thomas, Julie Toth (Secretary)