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Vigorous Play for Artists, Educators, and Passionate People! • with Emily Mitchell


Instructor: Emily Mitchell

Investment: $150 for 4-weeks  Art Supply / Lab Fee: $20

Thursdays: January 4-25, 2018  •  6-8:30PM

Have you ever been interested in exploring paint, collage, pastels and other art supplies but have been intimidated by the "result"? Do you get stalled by the creative process because you are worried about getting things "right" or doing the work 'correctly"? Have you taken years hiatus from your creative side, and need the nudge to get your creative juices flowing again? 


We will be creatively playing, exploring and working with paint, paper, drawing supplies and collage materials in this 4-week process-based class. A supportive, caring and exciting creative environment will develop as we take risks, let go of fear, and take this opportunity to re-ignite your creative self. 

There will be NO pressure to complete or finish a product, but we will instead focus on exploring, playing and finding personal inspiration. 

No previous art experience necessary. 

Note: This class will be VERY different from Emily's one-evening painting workshops. 

Upon registration, a basic, personal supply list will be provided (99% the supplies will be found around your home).

Payment: In full at first class. Check or cash preferred. Class may not be pro-rated.

Register today, as space is limited to 15.
Please reserve spot via email